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Educational Advising Center with the financial support of BC Moldova Agroindbank SA announces the finalists of the third edition of the "Scholarships for Your Future!" program. Its aim is to ensure an equal access to higher education and financial support in view of obtaining quality education for a safe future - for all the young people from the Republic of Moldova.

In this edition, 30 stipends with the value of 6000 lei each will be offered to first year students, from higher education institutions from Moldova and to previous year beneficiaries, currently in the second or third year of studies, who can reapply for the scholarship. Within the project, financial support is offered to students that demonstrate academic performances and participation in extracurricular activities, for maximum 3 years.

Moreover, we are happy to announce that an alumna of the previous editions of this program offered 2 additional scholarships for first year students, in order to support them in their studies, as a way to express her gratitude for the help she herself received through this scholarship.

*The target group of this initiative are young people that come from families with low income, families with many children, orphaned or those who are under foster care, and/or with disabilities, both from the urban and rural areas.

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