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Merit Scholarships 2017

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Educational Advising Center announces the finalists of the 22nd edition of the Merit Scholarship Program for the best students of the country. The program is organized under aegis of the Council of Chancellors of Moldova, with the financial support of BC Moldova Agroindbank SA and Orange Moldova.

Within the program, 50 stipends of 12000 MDL each are offered, on a contest basis, as follows:
35 stipends for last year undergraduate students, including integrated studies;
15 stipends for first year graduate students, including integrated studies.

This program aims to restate the prestige of qualitative higher education from Moldova and to encourage students towards academic performances and active participation in research and extracurricular activities.

Finalists Merit Scholarships 2017 (RO)

Statistics Merit Scholarships 2017(RO)


Merit Scholarships 2017

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