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Womens Digital Center / Ukraine Refugee

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Womens Digital Center / Ukraine Refugee is a digital and entrepreneurial education project for refugee women from Ukraine (currently residing in Moldova), as well as for young women and girls from the Republic of Moldova a project fully financed by the Orange Foundation, supported and implemented by the Orange Foundation Moldova and the Educational Advising Center.

In this cycle, the project aims at developing and optimizing, within 5 NGOs placed in the regions of the RM, the space created, namely "Women's Digital Center" (WDC), as well as strengthening the partnership started in order to recruit and train the target group.

Hence, in 2023 the target group is represented by both UKR refugee women and Moldovan girls & women (Russian speaking), from rural and urban areas of the Republic of Moldova, aged between 18-45 years old, who want to benefit from free of charge trainings in the digital and entrepreneurial field, so that they can later launch or promote a small business or develop necessary skills, relevant on the labor market.

In this respect, the implementing organizations get an essential financial grant. Thus, over a period of 6 months (February-July 2023), the 5 Women Digital Centers conducted monthly offline training sessions for a total of 455 women and girls.

The complete course was focused on 5 modules: digital literacy, initiation into entrepreneurship, online business promotion, useful applications and creating a website, as well as the introductory course in Romanian.

The five associated centers are in: Ungheni, Singerei, Cahul, Balti and Comrat

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