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The U.S. Government sponsors a number of academic, professional, and cultural exchange programs in Moldova. The goals of these programs are to foster mutual understanding between the United States and Moldova through exchange and training programs and to further democratic and economic reforms in Moldova through implementation of the experience and knowledge program participants gain.

U.S. Government academic, professional, and cultural exchange programs are funded under the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 (Fulbright-Hays Act) and the FREEDOM Support Act, sponsored by Senator Bill Bradley of New Jersey and other members of Congress and incorporated in the Foreign Relations Authorization Act of 1992-1993. All of these programs are subject to funding allocated annually by the U.S. Congress. The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs in the Department of State oversees the programs worldwide, while the U.S. Embassy in Chisinau is responsible for the programs in Moldova. The U.S. Embassy directly administers several of the exchange programs, while others are administered by approved organizations.

Announcements about U.S. Government exchange programs are posted on the U.S. Embassy web page and the web pages of the administering organizations. They are also published in local mass media. The application deadlines for each program vary throughout the year, and therefore program announcements occur at different times. However, the web pages provide general information about the programs throughout the year.

Participation in the exchange programs is merit-based, with selection made on the basis of slightly different criteria for each program. Applicants are evaluated on factors such as academic excellence, leadership potential, knowledge of English, fields of study or research, and preparedness for living in the United States. The programs offer equal opportunities to all applicants and do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, handicap or disability. Preference is given to those applicants without recent experience in the United States.

The basic qualifications for all programs
  • Citizenship of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Residency in Moldova at the time of application and throughout the selection process.
  • Eligibility for a J-1 visa. Program participants must return to and reside in Moldova for two years after completion of their programs and are not eligible for visa transfers.
  • Spoken and written proficiency in English. (Some Community Connections projects do not require knowledge of English.)

Each program has additional requirements.

The application and selection process for each program consists of several stages. The first stage is submission of a written application. Those that advance to the next stage are required to attend an oral interview and may be required to demonstrate their English proficiency. Generally, the selection process takes six months from the time written applications are submitted to the notification of successful candidates. Final candidates for most programs are notified of their selection no earlier than April. Most participants begin their program and travel to the United States nearly one year after submitting the written application.

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