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Roma Health Scholarship Program 2009-2010

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Application Deadline: May 30, 2009
The Roma Education Fund Scholarship Programs (REF/SP) announce an open competition for students pursuing Medical Education and pharmaceutical Sciences at vocational and university level in Romania in order to address the lack of Roma Professionals in the field of Medicine. The funds for the Roma Health Scholarship Program (RHSP) come from Roma Education Fund (REF) and Open Society Institute (OSI).
Program Overview: The Roma Health Scholarship Program (RHSP) will seek to support Roma Nationality Students who are/would like to pursue Medical Education in their home country or countries of their residence. The students pursuing education to attain degrees of Medical Nurses and Medical doctors at State accredited and recognized Medical and Medical-vocation schools will be supported through Roma Health Scholarship Program (RHSP) scheme.
REF/SP has the possibility to support under RHSP Scholarship scheme the same applicant throughout his/her studies for:
  • one Vocational Medical Degree, transfer to another school/specialization allowed only once;
  • one Undergraduate Medical degree, transfer to another school/specialization allowed only once,
  • one Graduate Medical degree, for maximum three years (Rezidentura), and
  • one Postgraduate Medical degree, for maximum two years (Doctorat)
    Overall support period will not exceed 10 academic years. The Scholars selected by RHSP will also be eligible for individual Foreign Language Tutoring support, participation in Tutoring and Mentoring program and Advocacy trainings organized by OSI.
    Eligibility Criteria: Roma students who are eligible for RHSP will:
    (a) have been/will be accepted at a well established state accredited Medical Vocational Schools in their home country or country of residence* as a full time or part time student in the fall of 2009
    (b) have been/will be accepted at a well established state accredited Medical school/University in their home country or country of residence as a full time student in the fall of 2009
    (c) pursue his/her studies for obtaining a degree
    (d)be citizens of Moldova (Roma nationality applicants from Moldova, who manage to enroll into Medical schools in Romania will also be considered in the Program)
    (e) comply with the Program deadlines of documents submission, as well as submit complete application packages by the noted deadlines
    (f) be required to attend the Advocacy Camp to be held in summer 2009.

    *Please note that the home country and country of residence has to be one of the Program countries as listed under eligibility criteria. The exception is made for the applicants from Moldova, who pursue/plan to pursue their education in Medical Schools in Romania.

    Application Process Deadlines: Applicants willing to apply for academic year 2009-2010 must comply w/the following deadlines:

  • May 30th, 2009 submitting Application & Reference Forms, Contractual Obligations, GPA for 2007-2008, Bank info, passport or ID copies;
  • October 31st, 2009 Enrollment & Tuition Fee Certificate for 2009-2010 Academic Year
    RHSP Grants: The REF /SP Roma Health Scholarships must be used to cover, textbooks, exam fees and partially living expenses.
    The scholarships are not automatically awarded for the subsequent academic year, however are opened for renewal subject in case of successful completion of the prior academic year.

    The Application, Reference & other Forms, including Application Guidelines can be found at the EAC office, as well as downloaded below or from the REF website:

    The complete application package is to be submitted to the EAC Chisinau office, by the specified deadline!

    For further information please contact:
    Educational Advising Center
    148, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Blvd, of. 22, MD 2012 Chisinau
    Program Coordinator Otilia Colac, tel: 22 11 67, e-mail:


    Instructiuni_de_aplicare (*.pdf)

    Formular de aplicare Aplicanti noi (*.pdf)

    Formular de recomandare (*.doc)

    Formular cursuri limbi straine (*.pdf)

    Formular de raport intermediar (*.pdf)

    Obligatiuni contractuale nota explicativa. (*.pdf)

    Obligatiuni contractuale (*.pdf)

    Contractual obligations (*.pdf)

    Lista de verificare (*.pdf)


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