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Womens Digital Center OMD 2020-2021

The Educational Advising Center announces the results of the grant competition within the project Women's Digital Center, organized with full financial support of Orange Moldova and ATIC, within the Tekwill Project, financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Women's Digital Center is a digital and entrepreneurial education project for women ranging 18-45 years old from the Republic of Moldova.

The project is meant to set up, within the 3 NGOs from the regions of the country, a special space dedicated to digital and professional training for the women participating in the project, so that, as a result of this initiative, they will be able to launch/manage and promote a small business.

The 3 NGOs were selected, on a competition basis, in order to get the grant relevant to the educational activity.

Press Release (*.pdf)

Project Rules (*.pdf)

Application Form (*.docx)




Info Note on Results (*.pdf)

Finalists WDC 2020-2021 (*.pdf)

WDC Active Centers List (*.pdf)




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