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The Educational Advising Center announces the activity results within the current cycle of Women's Digital Center initiative, organized with full financial support of the Orange Foundation Moldova.

Women's Digital Center is a digital and entrepreneurial education project for women ranging 18-45 years old from the Republic of Moldova. In this cycle, the project aimed at developing and optimizing, within 3 NGOs placed in the regions of the RM, the space created, namely "Women's Digital Center" (WDC), as well as strengthening the partnership started in order to recruit and train the target group.

In addition, a new digital space was set up within the Chisinau municipality, namely - within "Ion Creanga" State Pedagogical University - oriented towards the potential participants from the capital and its suburbs.

In this respect, the implementing organizations got an essential financial grant.

As a result, in 6-month projects period, a cumulative number of 407 women interested in developing their professional skills and competencies in using the necessary digital tools towards launching, developing and/or optimizing their own business participated in monthly digital- & entrepreneurial-orientated trainings, delivered by all 4 WDCs.

The digital centers are located in: Cahul, Ungheni, Singerei and Chisinau.

A total of 2682 women were trained along the four consecutive cycles of the project.

This year all interested WDC beneficiaries, who attended and completed the full training course, had the opportunity to participate in the Small Grants Contest for Women.

10 finalists of the competition received a grant valued at 20.000 MDL each, meant for launching their own business or developing a running one.

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