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Women’s Digital Center FOM

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The Educational Advising Center announces the results of the grant competition within the project Women's Digital Center , organized with full financial support of the Orange Foundation Moldova.

Women's Digital Center is a digital and entrepreneurial education project for women ranging 18-45 years old from the Republic of Moldova.

Hence, the project is meant to set up, within the 3 NGOs from the regions of the country, a special space dedicated to digital and professional training for the women participating in the project, so that, as a result of this initiative, they will be able to launch/manage and promote a small business.

The 3 NGOs were selected, on a competition basis, in order to get the grant relevant to the educational activity.

Press Release (*.pdf)

Finalists WDC 2019-2020 (*.pdf)

WDC Active Centers List (*.pdf)




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