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2013 Civil Service Awards

Deadline: November 19, 2012
In cooperation with the Government of Moldova and the Educational Advising Center, the Scholarship Programs of the Open Society Foundations announce the 2013 Civil Service Awards—Moldova.

These awards will support graduate study in the United States and Canada leading to Master’s degrees in public policy-oriented academic fields. The awards are open to public sector employees and are intended to benefit the following federal entities and their associated agencies in Moldova: Ministry of Education; Ministry of Labor, Social Protection, and Family; Ministry of the Economy; Ministry of Transportation; Ministry of Agriculture; Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration; and The State Chancellery and other corresponding Ministries (according to the below fields of study list). Upon completing the degrees, grantees must return to employment at a position determined by the home government for a commitment of three years.

Further information and application forms are available from the Educational Advising Center, and completed applications should be returned there by the program deadline.

Applicants for the above-mentioned scholarships should complete the application form and return TWO COPIES of it to the Educational Advising Center, along with the required supporting materials except for the confidential references.


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