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Solidarity FabLab

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Solidarity FabLab is a digital education program dedicated to disadvantaged young people that aims to contribute to their social and digital inclusion through technology and facilitate access to the labor market, preparing them for the jobs of the future. Solidarity FabLab is designed to train vulnerable young people aged 14-25, eager to learn various digital techniques and tools such as 3D printer, Sewing Machine, Laser Cutter, electronic equipment and components, and as a result, to develop practical skills and digital knowledge to be able to face the current reality with a profession adapted to the requirements of the future.

As a result of the project first edition, about 140 young people were trained, with no charges, in order to gain knowledge and skills on prototyping and digital manufacturing.

Solidarity FabLab project is organized with the full financial support of the Orange Foundation Moldova and implemented by Educational Advising Center in partnership with Micro Lab Engineering Club.

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