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Future Classroom Lab

Educational Advising Center announces the results of the "Future Classroom Lab" project, 3rd edition, 2020-2021, organized with the full financial support of the Orange Moldova Foundation and supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

"Future Classroom Lab" is a digital education project, implemented in Moldovan educational institutions, which brings a new concept in pedagogy, offering an open and motivational learning space, with interdisciplinary and innovative approaches, through the use of digital technologies, which favors the process of student-centered learning.

Within the third edition of the project, 11 educational institutions from the country were selected, on a competition basis, except for those from Chisinau, which will benefit from: high-performance digital equipment, modern furniture and project-specific decor elements, free services and design consultancy and free accredited continuous professional development courses.

Winners FCL 2020-2021 (RO)

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