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Small Grants Competition Womens Digital Center

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Deadline: June 28, 2021
The Educational Advising Center announces the launch of the small grants competition for women within the "Women's Digital Center" project, organized with the full financial support of the Orange Foundation Moldova a digital and entrepreneurial education initiative for women ranging 18-45 years old from the Republic of Moldova, who want to start or develop a business.

Along the two projects editions, the participants benefited from training offered, in offline and online format, on 4 thematic modules: digital literacy, entrepreneurship, online business promotion, useful applications and website creation.

The purpose of this contest is to support Womens Digital Center participants in launching a business or developing an existing business, as well as increase their economic opportunities by offering financial grants.
As a result, 30 participants - graduates of the Women's Digital Center program - will benefit from grants worth 20.000 lei each.

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