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Welcome to CareerUP the program that helps turn your professional aspirations into reality. Developed by the Educational Advising Center, CareerUP is your partner in building the portfolio for your professional success!

What is CareerUP? It is a free program specially created for young people aged 18-25, with an individualized approach focused on identifying and developing your career. You no longer have to feel lost or uncertain about your professional future. CareerUP is here for you, to provide guidance and support as you launch yourself into the job market.

With the help of our mentors, CareerUP offers an intensive 14-hour course, conducted over two weeks, from May 17 to 31, 2024. The course is designed to help you apply for studies, secure a job, or obtain a perfect internship for you through seven stages:

  • Career Management and Planning: You will have the opportunity to discover your interests and passions, set goals, and outline plans for your professional future.
  • Professional Portfolio Preparation: You will learn how to showcase your skills and achievements in a convincing and professional manner.
  • Professional Portfolio Consolidation: You will have the chance to create or perfect your professional portfolio.
  • Job Interview: You will be prepared to impress employers and confidently answer any questions.
  • Nonverbal Communication: You will learn how to convey clear messages through nonverbal language.
  • Negotiation and Effective Communication Techniques: You will learn negotiation strategies and communication techniques to achieve positive results in professional interactions.
  • Employment Contract, Job Description, and Decision-Making Factors: You will be informed and prepared to make wise decisions regarding your future career, including understanding the legal and administrative aspects of the employment contract.

    Invest in yourself and your professional portfolio with CareerUP the smart choice for young people who want to stand out and thrive in the professional world!

    The first edition of the CareerUp program proves to be an extremely valuable resource for those who wish to improve their skills and build a successful career. The testimonials of the beneficiaries are clear evidence of the positive impact this program has had on its participants.

    The next editions are expected to be interesting and promising!

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