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2004-2005 Graduate Scholarships in Italy

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy offers Moldovan citizens graduate scholarships for 2004-2005 academic year. Interested candidates may apply for scholarships in different fields, except medicine.

Selection Criteria:
  • age limit: 38 years (except teachers of Italian language and literature);
  • a good knowledge of Italian language (other languages may be accepted only for research purpose and if the candidate has a confirmation from the host institution that the program is conducted in that language);
  • Diploma of Higher Education Studies.

Interested candidates have to submit the following documents:

  • completed application form (available online at );
  • a photo (size: 3x4 cm);
  • photocopy of the passport;
  • photocopy of the Diploma of Higher Education Studies;
  • two recommendation letters written by academic field professionals, in Italian;
  • confirmation of acceptance for study from the Italian host institution, which should include the name of the course, the beginning and ending dates;
  • project of study/research, in Italian language, should be typed and not exceed 2 pages.

The selection process consists in the applications’ analysis and an interview conducted by the members of the Selection Board. This is to determine the candidate’s proficiency in Italian language, as well as his/er motivation.

More information:
Ministry of Education, of. 438 (Piata Marii Adunari Nationale 1, Chisinau).
Telephone 23 27 39.
Centrul de Informatii Universitare
Bd. Stefan cel Mare 148, ap.22
Etaj 3
Tel: (373 22) 221167, 221172, fax: (373 22) 221167