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Training of trainers Program in Economic Education

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The National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) plans to train up to 110 teacher trainers from the former Soviet Union, central and eastern Europe, in two Training of Trainers programs in Economic Education comprising a series of four one-week seminars to be offered in 2004-2005. NCEE will conduct these seminars outside of the United States in cities located in the former Soviet Union and central and eastern Europe. English and Russian will be the working languages of these programs. After completing the program, graduates will be expected to initiate and conduct training programs in economic education for pre-university teachers in their own countries. This program is subject to continued funding by the U.S. Department of Education and is conducted in coordination with the United States Department of State.

The NCEE seeks outstanding educators from higher education, schools, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), who have the commitment and long-term institutional support to offer training programs in economic education for school teachers after completing this series of seminars. In particular, we encourage applications from individuals associated with institutions for re-certifying teachers and NGOs who are responsible for training teachers in economics. Accommodations and meals (during the seminars) and travel expenses will be covered by NCEE. An honorarium will be provided to participants at the end of each seminar, provided all program requirements are met. An overview of the program, its objectives, and its content, is attached.

Selection Criteria

Candidates for the Training of Trainers program will be expected to:

  • Offer evidence of personal commitment and institutional support to ensure that the applicant will deliver teacher training programs for school (pre-university) economics teachers upon completion of the program. Applicants must describe in detail how they will provide these training opportunities for teachers in their countries.
  • Have previous experience in conducting teacher training programs for economics teachers, developing instructional materials, using testing and evaluation methods, and/or working with national or local educational administrators to implement economic education/teacher training programs.
  • Enter the program with significant prior knowledge of market-based economics. Before the program begins, participants should have seriously studied economics at least through the principles course level, as represented by such textbooks authored by McConnell and Brue, Samuelson and Nordhaus, Dolan and Lindsey, or their equivalent. Ideally, applicants will have read upper-level undergraduate economics textbooks by western economists, and will have taught market-based principles of economics to university or secondary students. The attached sample questions are indicative of the level of economic understanding expected of participants.
  • Commit to attend and fully participate in the complete series of four seven-day training sessions (including a one-day break in each program) and to completing additional assignments between sessions. Continued participation in the program, the honorarium, and participation in future programs are contingent upon attendance at all sessions and completion of all assignments.
  • Provide letters of recommendation from school administrators, colleagues, and/or other educational or sponsoring agencies, such as Soros Foundation offices, ministries of education, etc. These letters should address the individual's qualifications for this program and should indicate available financial and in-kind support that will enable the applicant to offer training programs and materials for teachers after the Training of Trainers program is completed. Each letter of recommendation should indicate an individual applicant's qualifications and support. An individual letter listing more than one applicant will not be accepted.
  • Be fluent in either Russian or English, the working languages of this program. Participants must provide evidence of mastery of English or Russian. Candidates with fluency in English should submit official TOEFL or TWE score reports or equivalent evidence of English language skills.
  • Offer assurances of having financial support for travel necessary to obtain visas (NCEE will not pay costs related to obtaining a visa, i.e., travel to embassy in capital city, hotel stay, etc). Travel expenses to the seminar site and the cost of the visa itself will be reimbursed by the NCEE. Candidates should already have a valid passport or should be in the process of applying for one. Passport expenses, and costs incurred in obtaining one, are the responsibility of the applicant.
More information

For an application please contact:
Mark Dempsey
1140 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10036, U.S.A.
telephone: +1 212-730-6586
fax: +1 212-768-7894 or +1 212-730-1793

Application also available at our office

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